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with world markets

CB Trade Link is an international broker for agri-commodities used for crushing, bird feed, cattle feed and human consumption. Working with a vast worldwide network of suppliers and end users, CB Trade Link helps you buy or sell quality products at the best price.

Personal service, fast response, extensive market knowledge and a pro-active business approach mean you can depend on CB Trade Link to get you optimal results. Discreet information handling maintains your privacy, while over 15 years’ experience in global trading of agri-commodities ensures cross-border communications and transactions are managed to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Our Trade Values

1. Comprehensive
market knowledge

As a fully independent broker, CB Trade Link has expansive insights into the global agricultural commodities market. As a client, you benefit from regular updates and access to in-depth information which helps you secure the most advantageous deals.

Our Trade Values

2. Reliable business partners

All buyers and sellers in the CB Trade Link network are personally vetted for reliability in fulfilling contracts as agreed and resolving problems that arise. In a market where fluctuating prices can sometimes tempt unscrupulous parties to wriggle out of agreements, knowing the track-record of who you’re dealing with can be key to successful trading.

Our Trade Values

3. Guaranteed product quality

Product quality is ensured via a detailed product description which forms part of the contract. In some cases, it is possible for buyers to have parcels checked by an independent surveyor before shipment. When required, samples will be sent of the actual parcel or representative samples will be used as the basis of the quality description. Due to CB Trade Link’s stringent vetting of suppliers, product quality is, however, rarely an issue.

Our Trade Values

4. Complete service

CB Trade Link oversees your trades right through from decision to satisfactory delivery and payment. Continually maintained communication with both parties ensures contracts are executed correctly and within the agreed time-scale, and that any issues are resolved promptly to the satisfaction of both sides.

Our Trade Values

5. Broker best practices

CB Trade Link works in accordance with the Code of Practice set out by GAFTA in the GTAS (GAFTA Trade Assurance Scheme).


CB Trade Link’s broker services for seeds, birdfeed, crush, vegetable oil, pulses, rice and bakery products bring together suitable buyers and sellers of all these agricultural commodities.

Constantly updated knowledge on which suppliers around the world are offering the best quality and price means you are always perfectly placed to get the deal which best suits your needs.